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Mercer BenefitsU: Helping Employers Boost Employee Wellbeing

Mercer is proud to offer employees and their family members an easy way to take steps toward a healthier, more financially secure, and professionally satisfying tomorrow. HR can now take benefits administration to a new level with this integrated, online approach to benefits education, financial wellness (including retirement planning), and career development.

Mercer BenefitsU is an innovative, award-winning, online learning opportunity that combines important health, wealth, and career lessons into one holistic educational experience. Designed for today’s employee who is juggling numerous priorities and worries, Mercer BenefitsU provides just the right education based on where each individual is in his or her life.

Completely refreshed for 2016, Mercer BenefitsU applies our latest research findings to address employees’ biggest concerns about their health, wealth, and career. According to Mercer’s 2015 Inside Employees’ Minds™ Survey, top worries include paying for health care in the future, retiring with sufficient financial security, keeping up with monthly expenses, and finding career satisfaction.

Hands on Learning, Available Anytime

Visitors to Mercer BenefitsU will enjoy a personalized, interactive experience designed to support their specific health-, wealth-, and career-related goals. And it’s available anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device or computer.

With a robust curriculum of videos, quizzes, articles and slideshows, Mercer BenefitsU allows individuals to focus on their personal interests or quickly bgrid-xse through the site’s diverse selection of health, wealth, and career courses for broader learning. Visitors learn how to manage stress, dig their way out of debt, build a personal brand, plan for retirement, and so much more.

Engage, Inform, Empower

As employees face greater expectations to take personal responsibility for their retirement planning, health care management, and career development, Mercer BenefitsU provides important educational and motivational support. The dynamic and interactive online experience engages individuals, while the highly relevant and clearly explained content informs, resulting in an empowered population of employees ready to take action.

Three Schools in One

Mercer BenefitsU combines education about health, wealth, and career in one “go-to” website that addresses the full spectrum of well-being. Individuals will gain valuable knowledge to help them:

  • Take better care of their health, maximize their health benefits, and make smart health care spending decisions.
  • Make smart money decisions now, plan for retirement in the future, and protect their income to meet their family’s needs.
  • Achieve their career goals and realize their full potential.

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