Health and Benefits
Mercer's Global Online Database - Mercer Gold+

Multinational companies’ employee benefits, compensation and other human resource programs vary dramatically from country to country.

MercerGOLD+ helps you manage information on the design, financing and administration of these programs within an efficient, globally consistent template. This leads to efficiencies in global governance, improves financial management and helps identify opportunities to improve plan design.


Opportunities for global/regional management include:


  • Consolidating information at your fingertips, so you don’t need to waste time searching multiple source documents
  • Providing a comprehensive global template for M&A due diligence and program integration
  • Ensuring compliance with local and global regulations
  • Having access to statutory and typical market practice on benefit and HR topics for over 60 countries

Cost savings

  • Understanding global labor costs and trends
  • Identifying global and local cost-saving opportunities
  • Accessing information needed to comply with global accounting standards

Plan design

  • Preparing side-by-side program comparisons at the click of a mouse to pinpoint issues needing attention
  • Identifying opportunities to introduce more consistency into plan designs, globally, regionally or across businesses within a country
  • Understanding how statutory and typical practices influence local plan design
  • Determining the impact on benefits when employees transfer from one country to another
  • Providing a common template for collaborating with local management

Opportunities for local management include:

  • Spending less time fulfilling requests for information from global or regional management
  • Facilitating efficient decision making, with all relevant parties having real-time access to the same information
  • Having access to reference material and other country practices