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We can help identify the key issues and opportunities you are confronted with both locally and on a global basis and then formulate an investment objective to best meet your goals.

What We Do

We help clients develop their risk management strategy and incorporate risk management into their governance processes. We define “managing risk” broadly as we reduce risk through diversification and risk transfer option, while also helping clients stay aware of additional risks they are proactively taking in their portfolios. Because of this broad definition, we can customize solutions to your own specific situations and circumstances. By developing a holistic road map, we create a thoroughly integrated approach to managing risk so you can reach benchmarks and achieve objectives in the most efficient way.


Why Mercer

A wide view affords a broad perspective, so our footprint matters a great deal. Our 1,200 investment specialists in 48 offices around the world, we have the ability to review more than 24,000 strategies. This breadth of risk management scenarios exposes us to ideas and thinking that enable us to tailor solutions for your particular objectives and priorities.


How We Make a Difference


We begin with exploration. What are your goals? How will your risk tolerance affect your timeline and your choice of asset classes? Evaluating the answers to questions like these helps us identify options for strategic asset allocation and where dynamically managing risk might work most effectively.


While setting risk management strategy is an important first step, we believe it is also important to incorporate a risk philosophy into every phase of your governance process. Our extensive research allows you to consider and select managers that can best implement the investment plan. Ongoing monitoring and performance evaluation keep you in touch and in control. At the same time, you can turn to us for specialist advice about custodians, operations, and responsible investing.

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