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MercerInsight® | Mercer


MercerInsight® is a simple-to-use cloud-based platform for institutional investors and investment managers to gain access to insights and analytics

This powerful platform provides globally, comprehensive coverage of the products available to institutional investors and the ability to view a wide range of information from quantitative analysis on performance and holdings data through to the ratings and recommendations from Mercer’s global manager research boutiques made up of over 100 full time staff.

Now Available on Mercerinsight: Trends Module

  • Compare fees, to those of other investment managers (in aggregate) by asset class, vehicle type, account size, etc.
  • Understand trends in investment manager searches performed by Mercer, with ability to manipulate aggregate data, allowing bespoke reporting and filtering.

Institutional Investors

For institutional investors, this powerful platform provides global, comprehensive coverage of the products available to institutional investors and the ability to view a wide range of information, from quantitative analysis on performance and holdings data to the ratings and recommendations from Mercer’s global manager research boutiques (composed of more than 100 full-time staff).

Investment Managers

For investment managers, the performance evaluation tool enables comprehensive analysis of institutional track records against competitors, “Mercer universes” or market indices. The analytical capabilities of MercerInsight, in combination with professional charts and graphs, makes this a powerful presentation package in communicating with their investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MercerInsight®?

MercerInsight® is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use cloud-based platform for institutional investors to access all of Mercer’s research on investment managers.

Does MercerInsight provide subscribers with Mercer’s “best of” list or a list of preferred managers?

Yes. MercerInsight provides comprehensive access to all of Mercer research and ratings, including Mercer-selected managers. 

Do MercerInsight subscribers have access to Mercer investment consultants and researchers?

Based on individual needs, MercerInsight subscribers may engage in various relationships with Mercer, including access to consultants, advisory services and intellectual capital. Our consultants are available to talk with you about your needs and determine the appropriate solution. Please contact Mercer to learn more about how we work with firms like yours. 

Does MercerInsight give access only to Mercer’s investment due diligence database?

MercerInsight includes not only our investment strategy due diligence research, but also our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance research, and Mercer Sentinel’s library of Operational Risk Assessments. Subscribers also get access to Mercer’s exclusive research and intellectual capital Mercer publishes throughout the year.

Does MercerInsight give access to only qualitative analysis?

MercerInsight is a portal to our qualitative, forward- looking research, but also contains quantitative and risk analysis tools for easy performance-based screening and comparisons.

Does MercerInsight track the performance of Mercer’s forward-looking ratings?

Yes. We track the value-add of our A-rated strategies on a rolling 10-year basis, published quarterly. 

Is a MercerInsight subscription based on a per-user cost?

No. Unlike most of our competitors who charge per-user, MercerInsight subscriptions generally include unlimited user access at no additional cost. This means you won’t have to constantly track and monitor individual users. 

How do Mercer universes differ from similar databases?

Every product on the platform is categorized and reviewed by Mercer before being included in a Mercer universe. Safeguards are also in place to help eliminate biases such as cherry picking, backfill, and survivorship bias. These measures help ensure scrubbed universe calculations for a true peer comparison.

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