Mercer Globe – A Secure, Web-Based, Integrated Retirement Financial Management System At Your Fingertips

Ongoing economic volatility and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape have increased pressures on the world’s retirement systems.

For plan sponsors and fiduciaries, Mercer Globe provides a centralized structure and source of information for managing their company’s retirement programs.

Whether there is one plan or many plans across several geographies, Mercer Globe is designed to help companies better navigate the complexities of retirement plan management:

  • Understanding the implications of changes to design, contribution and investment policies.
  • Facilitating strong governance practices.
  • Assessing the impact of fluctuating economic conditions.

Mercer Globe helps plan sponsors to:

  • Inventory each plan and its costs.
  • Understand the economic risks unique to each plan.
  • Evaluate policy changes.
  • Model costs over multiple years.
  • Promote strong governance practices.
  • Reduce the risk of surprises.

Mercer Globe complements our holistic, consulting approach by helping sponsors make better informed decisions about retirement programs across their organization and deliver employee retirement benefits more effectively.

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