Talent Strategy
Enhance your firm’s talent acquisition brand. Enroll in the Candidate Care Charter Program.

Only 1 in 219 applicants is hired. What about the other 218?

Leave a positive impression with every candidate by offering a complete suite of career transitioning tools.

For every job advertised online, there are 219 applicants—meaning 218 people miss out on each position. Considering the power of social media to shape an organization’s reputation and brand, organizations can’t afford to neglect the way they handle candidates they decline.

With the Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care solution, employers can help declined job applicants with their next career step by providing them with assistance including a resume and cover letter builder and skills assessments.

How You Treat Declined Job Applicants Matters

Taking easy steps—even the simple courtesy of  notifying applicants of the decision made on their application—can significantly influence a candidate’s decision to re-apply to that company.

  • 80% of job seekers say they would be discouraged from applying to other relevant job openings at a company that did not bother to notify them on the status of their application.
  • Job seekers who were  notified of the decision of their application were 60% more likely to re-apply to another job.
  • 70% of job seekers said a product offer like Candidate Care would positively impact their perception of an employer that declined their application. 

Try Candidate Care for Free

We invite organizations to try Candidate Care by enrolling in our charter program. In return for the free trial we are asking clients to participate in our Candidate Experience study to help us better Candidate Care. The study will consist of a survey on how the care of declined candidates has impacted their candidate and brand experience, as well as their talent acquisition strategy. Prior to the conclusion of the free trial a consultant will be in contact regarding the Candidate Experience study and interest in continuing Candidate Care.