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HR Process Design: To Map or Not to Map

Defining the starting and ending points to a process can be difficult for the typical customer of HR, and sometimes, HR themselves.  HR process design helps to define not only the beginning and end but also identifies the linkages between processes so both the group executing the process as well as the customer, each know what their role is in the process, what comes before or follows a step they need to perform and even how technology is used to assist in its execution.

Customer experience maps

An HR function who desire to connect with their customer in more simplified ways choose to do so through customer experience maps. Customer experience maps help connect the customer to process gates so details of what comes next in a process can be made easy to understand through a combination of brief descriptions and illustration. Clients who choose to do this are wanting to demystify the work of HR for their employees and help form expectations around complex or highly repetitive transactions.

A companion piece to process mapping

And for the group of stakeholders closest to your processes, typically HR and partnering functions who are performing or helping perform the work of HR, a companion piece to process mapping is operating procedures.  Operating procedures define step-by-step instructions necessary to perform those activities that appear within a Process. Operating procedures, just like process maps, are living documents used to help teach the organization, including HR, the ‘how, when and where’ for each step in a process. And each piece of the puzzle needs to be kept current as the operating environment for HR changes over time.

Organizations that have not revisited their processes for a long time, have concerns that people do not understand them, do not know where to find them, or are not following them, are trying to re-establish order and understanding, resulting in time savings and less confusion for HR’s customers and HR.

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