Tom O'Byrne

Tom O'Byrne


  • Tom O'Byrne

    Tom O'Byrne

    Principal - Country Head, KSA

Career notes

Tom O'Byrne is acting CEO of Mercer Consulting Limited, Saudi Arabia a branch office of Mercer Consulting Limited.

Prior his current role, Tom was leading Mercer's market development effort across the GCC and was responsible for business development, and for the sales and marketing initiatives that support all the Mercer services offered in the Middle East. Since 2006 Tom has worked across the six states of the GCC either to develop business or work in projects in the area of communication.

Prior to Mercer, Tom spent 20 years in the media business including 13 years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, both as a correspondent and as a News and Current Affairs executive.


Tom holds a BA degree from Australia and an MA in Media and Management from the University of Missouri, USA.