The DIFC Employees Workplace Savings (DEWS) Plan

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What is DEWS ?

* The information only applies to employees based in the DIFC

With the launch of the DEWS Plan in February 2020 for DIFC based employees, the DIFC is introducing a progressive end-of-service benefits plan to restructure the currently defined employee benefit plan into a funded and professionally-managed, defined contribution plan. The initiative also offers a voluntary savings plan, allowing employees working in the DIFC to secure their financial future with ease.

Benefit for Employer and Employee 

DEWS is enabling employers to have clarity about their EoSB liabity to employees at all times and providing them access to an independent professionally-managed plan. Employees benefit from the full visibility of their EoSB entitlement and having their contributions professionally managed in a cost-effective manner saving for their future financial goals. 

Plan benefits for Employers

Plan benefits for Employees

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The Service Providers for DEWS 

The DEWS plan will be managed by three partners: 

Investment Adviser

You can find more information on the DIFC Employees Workplace Savings Plan here

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