Mercer Training Series - Strategic Workforce Planning

27 April - 28 April 2016  United Arab Emirates, Dubai


  • Introduction

    Organizations are good at identifying and mitigating most business risk. Yet, when it comes to finding the right workforce today — and forecasting for tomorrow — many companies are at a loss. Why? Shifting demographics, globalization, and technology are changing the available talent pool and altering the traditional employer-employee relationship. The changes are profound for all industries, but especially for those that rely on experienced, highly skilled employees. We have a solution. Mercer’s systematic approach forecasts risks; finds the right balance of quantity, quality, and location of critical talent; and pinpoints internal supply of and demand for critical skills and roles under multiple business scenarios. Our integrated approach identifies and addresses critical gaps between current workforce resources and future needs, and finds actionable solutions.

  • Overview

    Dealing with Today’s Workforce Issues and Not Tomorrow’s? What critical skills and capabilities does your company need to retain to ensure that the right talent, in the right jobs will secure a company’s long-term growth? Mercer’s training is designed to help your organization effectively launch a strategic workforce planning process and work toward achieving long-term success.

  • Learning objectives

    • Understand what strategic workforce planning is, and how it is different to other business and talent planning processes.
    • Identify the key steps in the strategic workforce planning process.
    • Translate the organization’s business strategy into workforce implications.
    • Learn when and how to use analytics to support supply and demand analyses and future projections.
    • Learn the appropriate analysis to identify workforce gaps and risks.
    • Link the workforce planning outcomes with the organization’s talent strategy.
    • Understand key factors for building workforce planning capability and how to “phase in” workforce planning in your organization.

    This is an instructor-led two day training in Dubai, UAE.

Training details

Strategic Workforce Planning
(2 day training)

Date. 27-28 April 2016
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 9,600

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