Mercer Training Series - Workforce Analytics

24 April - 25 April 2016  United Arab Emirates, Dubai


  • Introduction

    Business and HR leaders have been managing their workforces in the dark, based on a gut-instinct and intuition. Given the growing complexities of the workforce, this approach is no longer acceptable. Businesses are demanding insights from HR. Mercer’s training provides HR and business professionals with a proven approach and practical guidance of how to use data to make a real difference to how an organization manages its workforce. The training covers strategic workforce planning, metrics and analytics in multinational and domestic organizations.

  • Overview

    Making Workforce Decisions in the Dark? Most organizations struggle with the application of workforce analytics to deliver real insights and ignite action that leads to change. Often the focus is only on descriptive metrics showing historical trends.

    Although this is valuable, it is often not enough to drive effective interventions and actions. In our training, we will show you how to identify hotspots as well as equipping you with more advanced techniques needed to predict the future, understand leading indicators and initiate change in your business.

  • Learning objectives

    • Understand the range of techniques that can be used to carry out in-depth analytics.
    • Apply a combination of techniques in the context of an organization’s workforce issues.
    • Learn how to conduct forecasting, cost-models, correlations and predictive analytics in practice.
    • Learn how to interpret an Internal Labor Market (ILM) Map.
    • Explore applications to specific workforce issues such as recruitment, turnover, nationalization and business outcomes.
    • Use the framework of data, dialogue, action, and results to achieve the power of storytelling.
    • Complete an action plan to overcome an obstacle to implementing metrics and analytics in your workplace.

    This is an instructor-led two day training in Dubai, UAE.

Training details

Workforce Analytics
(2 day training)

Date:  24-25 April 2016
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 9,600

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