Mercer’s annual TRS  provide you with the best “before and after” picture of the market.In this Event we will discuss current compensation and benefits practices  with a comprehensive review of the latest TRS data, including: 

Variable pay


 Hot jobs


 Workforce turnover 


  Salary movements 

 Allowances (ME & APAC only)


Remote Working


Flexible Working


 Pay reductions

 Workforce reductions 


 Hiring intentions 




Long-term incentives

We are excited to invite you to 2022 Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) Post-Survey Event.  This Event will provide updated information to help you understand the changes in the compensation and benefits practices and how to best use the data available.


Mercer TRS is the most comprehensive C&B survey, There will be multiple events to discuss each country results in details. Please feel free to register for your desired countries events as per the below schedule.