Using Data Analytics to Understand Engagement & Performance at Work in the Middle East

  • RECORDED: 12 September 2017


  • Overview

    Employee Engagement impacts and drives business performance. No surprises then that engagement is arguably the #1 workforce metric CEOs worry about.

    If approached in the right way, employee engagement can be more than a workforce metric. It can be a powerful tool for leaders to raise performance and drive improvement. So it is about time we stop treating it as an end in itself and start focusing on real insight. The work place is constantly evolving and with the advent of new technology, many organizations are finding that the 'employment deal' is undergoing a transformation. How can you ensure that your employees are bringing their best to the workplace?

    For leaders, the promises of improved talent retention and enhanced organisation performance are attractive, particularly as drivers of tangible business outcomes like productivity, innovation and customer service. The logic behind this focus is fairly simple - if employee performance is the combination of individual talent and engagement, then the best way to maximise talent is to ensure it is engaged.

    While this sounds reasonable, and perhaps a little obvious, the reality is that many companies chase improved levels of employee engagement without considering the broader science of employee attitudes and motivation at work.

  • Why attend

    Lewis will present the lessons he has learnt about engaging employees over the last 10 years, and how it is related to leadership and management in organisations.

  • Who should attend

    C-suite and Senior HR Leaders based in the Middle East

  • Speakers

    Lewis Garrad, Growth Markets Engagement Practice Leader, Mercer I Sirota

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  • Title: Engagement Myths & Facts

  • Language: English

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