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Change is the only constant, and in the global marketplace, organizations that adapt to change are the ones that will get ahead.
Mercer takes a holistic view of an organization’s needs, especially in growth markets. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses thrive in the global arena while focusing on their human talent. 

Mercer has deep research and data about your specific role, organization and industry. Our consultants are subject-matter experts and offer knowledge across health, wealth and career. Get insights on current developments, trends in the market and read more in our thought leadership article.


Work is changing globally with the adoption of new technology  business models and data-focused strategies.

In growth markets, these changes are amplified by rising urbanization, a growing middle class and a multigenerational workforce.

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People are living longer and staying healthier, thanks in large part to easier access to quality healthcare.

This affects everything from how long people work to the personal choices they make as they age.

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Retirement is changing.

In growth markets, people are aware that the onus to save is on them, and they are eager to learn more and use digital tools to achieve their financial goals.

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To survive, companies need to adopt a growth mindset, be able to quickly adapt and focus on new business models.

Embracing and leveraging change is key for organizations to thrive.
Are you employees and leaders embracing the need to change?

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