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2017 Short-Term Incentives Around the World Report
Calendar10 October 2017

How To Best Encourage Your People

Companies are now thinking broadly about incentive plans and considering market realities to frame the correct one. Mercer’s research report looks at how factors such as local practices and company type contribute to an increase or decrease in compensation and benefits costs. This report covers 71 countries and 84 markets comprehensively. Find all of the answers and insights you need with this critical data on short-term incentive packages offered globally.

Competition is fierce for the capacities that will help companies drive business performance. Mercer’s Short-Term Incentives Around the World Report is a valuable tool for understanding how incentive eligibility and award levels differ geographically and by employee level and function.

We provide human resource (HR) and business managers with up-to-date information on short-term incentive figures and strategies. Our publication offers country-level data on the provision of short-term incentives for six distinct career levels across 16 job families, as well as the target and actual payout for this type of compensation.

We’ve broken our insights into two parts: career levels and job families. Each plays a significant role in determining the need for or presence of short-term incentives. Our analysis based on Mercer’s Global Remuneration Data Warehouse, derived from individual country Total Remuneration Surveys.

Get insight into the percentage of employees receiving short-term incentives, the actual incentives as a percentage of base salary, and targeted incentives based on a percentage of base salary in each of these markets. You will also receive regional comparisons and three-year trends to help decision makers understand what the future may hold and anticipate market changes.