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To ensure you have the right data to make the right decisions, Mercer is collecting perspectives from companies around the world on a variety of topics relating to the impact of the coronavirus. The global surveys will update with new questions on a monthly basis. Local market surveys are also being conducted to ensure relevant and timely information specific to geographies.

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Moving beyond Coronavirus: Flexibility for the Future and Return to the Workplace  


Results from our global survey #5 reveal that 75% of companies are changing their philosophies and policies to encourage their workforce to work flexibly.


Questions cover:

  • Flexible working strategy and policies
  • Flexible working program
  • COVID-19 and return to the workplace

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Recently closed survey:

With over 5,000 participants in our global covid survey series, our prior surveys cover many topics on how companies are responding to COVID-19 and returning to work. 


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Managing Coronavirus Risk

Market-specific reports: Find out how affected businesses are managing the impact of COVID-19.