Changing customer expectations, advancement of new technologies and business model innovations are aggressively accelerating the need for digitalization globally. Additionally the COVID -19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst in helping us realize the benefit and need of establishing a digitally equipped organization.


 Digital transformation will have major implications on the ‘way of doing work’ by redefining the nature of jobs, roles and required skills; many jobs will be automated, others will be created, and many core tasks of remaining jobs will change significantly. 


And we expect this number to only increase. Though this indicates a high level of awareness towards digitization, organizations however are facing significant challenges in the shift of their workforce, mainly in the form of: 






of organizations in the Middle East are likely to accelerate the use of AI & Automation in 2020

  Increasing talent competition for new digital jobs 


   Difficulty of attracting and retaining digital talent 


   Absence of clarity on how to reskill the current workforce


Mercer’s value proposition combines years of experience and industry expertise, to create an end-to-end approach ensuring the success of digital workforce transformation. We support organizations in: 


 Identifying upcoming new jobs and skills


Assessing the skill gap of the current workforce


Implementing the best talent strategies to enable a digital transformation


Implementing HR digital transformation strategies


We combine our experience and expertise in talent strategy and human capital management with the technical knowledge of our global digital solution partners to provide an integrated one-stop-shop for digital workforce transformation.


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