About the report


Mercer’s Middle East Flexible Working Policies & Practices survey will help HR managers in the region to develop a flexible working policy and gain insights on trends within the flexible workspace.


Flex work is raising quite a lot of questions to consider:


  • Who is eligible for flexible working?
  • How is a hybrid role defined?
  • Do we need to change the way we determine market rates or adjust pay?
  • Should we consider special benefits for flexible workers?
  • What role should employee choice play in developing policies?
  • Can employees work remotely from another country?


The report will provide information on:


  • Defining flexibility
  • Flexible working philosophy
  • Policy implementation and administration
  • Impact of working remotely
  • Flexible working policy measurement
  • Flexible working impact on workspaces


Report Pricing Options


  • Participant Price
    • General Report - USD 250
    • Peer Group – USD 750

  • Non-Participant Price
    • General Report - USD 750
    • Peer Group – USD 1,250

Available Industry cuts are subject to data availability.

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