Unlocking Growth in the New World of Work


Bold perspectives on tomorrow’s most important issues; that’s what we set out to deliver with this eBook. Featuring the top industry influencers alongside our thought leaders, presenting a diverse range of perspectives on AI and automation and their impact on jobs, role of HR, predictive analytics and more.

Whether you sit in the C-Suite of a high-growth company or are a human resource leader facing the tough decisions brought on by workforce transformation every day, the insights and perspective in this eBook will help you become future-ready. 


”The loss of certain jobs and creation of new ones here are inextricably linked.”

Jennifer Brown, Founder, CEO & President, Jennifer Brown Consulting



“We’ll be better at our jobs by embracing the fact that we are human, and by improving how we treat each other.”

Meghan Biro, CEO, Talentculture

“…we advise HR leaders to not fall into the trap of thinking technology is the answer for everything in today’s world of work.”

Mark Babbitt, President, WorqIQ

“None of this matters unless firms are prepared to Act on what the data tells them.”

David Green, Global Managing Director, The People Analytics Program at Insight222

“It’s no longer what you know, it’s what you’re learning that provides stability in the workforce of the future.”

Tamara McCleary, Founder and CEO, Thulium

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