HR Business Design: For Oil & Gas to Thrive, HR (And Technology) Must Lead the Way

In the Oil & Gas Industry it is obvious that times have changed, however, many are reluctant to move on from the old system of HR seen in the Industry. Whereas the old talent solution centered around cash, the downturn has triggered a response and need for HR to evolve. This downtown paired with the growing concerns of talent scarcity, technology at work and the aging workforce are keeping HR executives up at night and reinforcing the need for a more creative, visible and tech-savvy entity. 

This paper begins with an outline of which HR challenges your organization needs to address in the next 18 months. These challenges range from improving people management skills among line management to improving the delivery of transactional services. After outlining the HR challenges seen in the industry an in-depth look is taken into how talent recruiting, processes, and communication make up the technologies driving business design. 

In conclusion this paper will look at how consistency focus, HR Self-Improvement and communications are the keys to building flexible design. Paired with an HR self-examination we are confident this paper will provide executives and all HR managers a toolkit for handling this unchartered but exciting time in the industry.

Phil McClurg
by Phil McClurg

Principal, HR Transformation

Partner, Talent and HR Transformation

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