Inorganic Transformation

Inorganic Transformation

Amid Cutbacks, is HR prepared for - and involved with - future deals?

Many oil and gas organizations have recently undergone significant inorganic transformative events such as mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, joint ventures and divestitures. Across the board, the human capital component of a transaction has proved to be a leading success indicator — and the leading reason for failure. While most companies say they realize that managing talent issues and HR involvement starting at due diligence are vitally important to the long-term success of a transaction and the enterprise, many do not provide adequate time and attention to these aspects.

"People risks in M&A transactions can damage employee and business integrations, culture and communications, which can destroy deals and value.” – Mercer’s People Risks in M&A Transactions

Mercer Energy’s latest thought paper, Inorganic Transformation – part of the Platform for Performance series – details how HR can effectively prepare for M&A activity and outlines the keys to a successful talent management strategy.

With M&A activity at near-record levels and expected to only increase, now is the time for HR to reassert itself with business leaders and guide workforce planning for future deals.

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