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Mercer’s Middle East Housing & Schooling Policy Benchmarking report provides an up-to date market data in a fast moving environment to enable HR managers benchmark their policies and validate their competitive position.


Purchasing the full benchmarking report will give you access to


  • Data from different industry sectors – Technology, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods and Energy to name a few.
  • Presents data on actual Housing Allowance maximums across the GCC, by employee group
  • Examines Housing Policy components such as: Frequency of Payment, Coverage of Local Nationals
  • Data on actual Schooling Allowance maximums across the GCC, Jordan and Lebanon, by employee group
  • Examines Schooling Policy components such as: Reimbursement Terms, Restrictions – number of children, selected schools


Report Pricing Options

  • General Market – USD 750
  • Industry Cut vs General Market – USD 1000
  • Peer group vs General Market – USD 1250

Available Industry cuts are subject to data availability.

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