Companies will need to think both tactically and strategically, and plan for the short and long term by keeping a sharp focus on three critical actions.


Prepare your workplace and your employees. Organizations will need to prepare the worksite so that their workers can return safely. They will also need to identify which employees will be returning to the workplace and get them ready for what to expect. Your employees need to know they are returning to a safe workplace — developing a comprehensive plan to keep your people safe is the top priority.


Support your people. To ensure employees stay productive and healthy, explore strategies that help safeguard your people’s well-being and support diverse needs. For example, should you consider compensation and rewards adjustments for on-site workers? How can you better support employees who continue to work remotely? What could a plan for a blended workforce look like?


Strengthen enterprise resilience. Employers and employees need to be prepared to mitigate future outbreaks and their potential impacts. The success of your return process will hinge on your ability to monitor and intervene when needed.


To help you face the challenges ahead, we offer workshops grounded in a strategic approach to returning to the workplace — whether that means a return to a physical worksite, finding new ways to support remote workers, or building a blended workforce for the future.


A framework for returning to the workplace with confidence

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