Design benefits that truly benefit

According to Mercer’s research, health and well-being are the top workforce concerns of executives and HR leaders. And they’re key elements of the employee experience.

Well-being is about creating a caring culture

to ensure your employees and business thrive. But in an environment defined by constant change, providing a health and well-being experience that’s flexible and that employees value can be a challenge. Employers struggle with new approaches, including how to create benefits that truly benefit a diverse workforce.


Turning health risk into value: well-being

The global COVID-19 pandemic has given HR and benefits professionals the opportunity to reinvent health and well-being plans – turning caring into a competitive advantage.

43% of employees want their employers to foster a more “pro-health” environment.

Four key themes influencing future health programs.

1. Claim uncertainty

2. Cost control delivers value and manages risk

3. Benefits race toward “true” benefits

4. A challenging world requires a challenger mindset

Understand the

skills needed to support

your future strategy


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