Medical Trends Survey MMB 2019



Understanding Drivers of Medical Inflation in MEA


Mercer Marsh Benefits “Understanding Drivers of Medical Inflation in MEA” insights report highlights the key drivers of medical inflation in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region. Understanding the core factors driving medical inflation is important in order to help organizations understand their medical plan costs and design appropriate health and well-being strategies to combat rising costs.

Key drivers of medical costs in MEA touch upon:

  • Increasing non-communicable diseases such as cancer
  • Growing utilization of employer sponsored plans, which can result in medical fraud
  • Sedentary and poor lifestyle habits

The MEA region has typically seen higher medical inflation compared to global average. By applying cost containment measures such as introducing flexible benefits programs as well as lifestyle and wellness programs, organizations can deliver sustainable healthcare programs.

In this report, Mercer Marsh Benefits discusses the variations within the region, by comparing and contrasting country specific medical inflation trends, structural solutions and approaches and the impact a change in culture can have on this underlying issue.

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