#1 Tip, No meetings during game time!


Every four years, 32 teams come together for the biggest football event on the planet. 5 billion people around the world are keeping their eyes on the ball. The passion for football brings people from different cultures together to cheer for their favorite teams. It’s only human that employees  want to watch the world cup games,  even during meetings.

#2 Tip, Your team might be missing a key player


  • Working in partnership with your employees is a key trend we have identified for 2022
  • Employees   want to work with an organization as a partner in their lives
  • Employees want to work for an organization who is caring about their well-being incorporating purpose, equity and impact into one’s experience
  • But we are also seeing some organizations moving into the lifestyle contract where the choice over one's lifestyle becomes a key element of what employees are looking for
  • Having choices that meet employees personal needs, being connected and making a contribution are all high up on the agenda, and rewards programs continue to focus strongly on healthier life styles

So, a real task for HR to lead this change in work and to develop their organization towards putting their people at the heart of their operating model.



#3 Tip, it is a "Hat-trick" if you know what your employees want.



Improving Employees Engagement has been at the center of modern organizations who are looking for increased productivity and talent retention.


Developing winning teams starts with a clear employees' engagement strategy.


In this webinar, we presented our insights from more than 130,000 employees in the region that have responded to our employee engagement surveys, from 67 companies.


Listen to the recording and download the report to form a picture of what your "key players" are really looking for in your organization.


#4 Tip, HR is always at the heart of the game


Transforming the HR function has always been a challenging game. It is critical to develop a strategy to positon HR as a pivotal function within organizations.

HR is playing an ongoing game trying to develop winning teams, offer an excellent employee experience and win the competition for talents.

With the game always on for HR teams, it is important to also have fun while you can  🙂 

Good luck for your favorite team! We wish you many wins on and off the football field. Have fun and enjoy the games!

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