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The HERO International Scorecard, which is available online and free of charge, allows employers to evaluate their health and well-being efforts by using a comprehensive inventory of current best practices compiled by industry thought leaders.

We are pleased to introduce the international version of the HERO Health and Well-Being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration With Mercer©. Like the US Scorecard, this tool is designed to help you learn about proven best practices that advance workplace health and well-being and to determine the extent to which your programs incorporate them. Whereas the original Scorecard was developed for employers with US locations, this version is intended for use in any country outside of the US.

Why complete the International Scorecard?

As with the original Scorecard, these questions serve as an inventory of workplace health and well-being best practices and are intended to contribute to your organization’s strategic planning and program evaluation. While most best practices are applicable in and outside the US, the International Scorecard is adapted with wording, terms and scoring that are appropriate globally.

Companies benefit from completing the scorecard in many ways: accessing best practices, enhancing their current health and well-being programs and collecting data to help their teams reach consensus on measures for improvement. Normative data will also help HERO, Mercer and researchers further understand best practices that have the biggest impact on outcomes.

With the US and International versions of the HERO Scorecard available, organizations now have a consistent and best-practice tool to assess their health and well-being efforts for worksites around the world.  

The writable PDF version of the International Scorecard can be used to review the questions and to gather your responses from your team members before completing the online version for scoring.

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