A look at the Future of Work


We are proud to have participated in and to have lead many conversations at the 2018 World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.  One thing that is resoundingly clear – The Future of Work and how technological, political and social developments will change the way people live and work - is top of mind for leaders from academia and the public and private sectors.


In particular, we discussed how companies can transform into a digitally-driven enterprise that is competitive, people-focused and socially relevant.



Workforce for the Future

Mercer and Oliver Wyman’s combined perspective, Delivering the Workforce for the Future, shows organizations of all sizes how to prepare and energize their workforces for digital transformation. The strategy provides a road map for a future-focused, technology-enhanced environment that leads to a thriving workforce.


Workforce for the Future

The Future of Work and Women


Our fourth annual briefing at the World Economic Forum focused on how to advance women through cultivating an environment of trust, prioritizing access to care, collaborating with men to drive change, and leveraging data, analytics and technology to address systemic barriers to progress.   


The new When Women Thrive report releases on February 6th.  In considering both headwinds and accelerators, the report outlines the drivers of female advancement and identifies the concrete steps organizations can take to drive change. 


Watch the full replay of our 23 January session – an interactive and future-focused discussion with bold leaders in Davos.



Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise


One of the most important socio-economic and political issues of our time is the collision of aging and work. Seismic shifts in demographics and extended lifetimes are challenging the relevance of traditional definitions of employment and retirement.



Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise, a Mercer initiative,  aims to arm governments, employers and individuals with the data-driven insights and data and technology-driven solutions needed to create a new people experience. With contributions from industry leading partners including the World Economic Forum, Stanford Longevity Centre and the Milken Institute, the initiative helps lead us toward new thinking about what needs doing now to improve the future of quality of life across the world. 


Explore what leaders believe will be the biggest advancements impacting how people live, work and save in the full replay of Mercer's session in Davos.


CEO Conversations

Mercer at #WEF18

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