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Gender Equality

What’s stopping us from creating a more inclusive, gender-equal working world?

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Transformational investment

Discover how the world’s largest, most sophisticated institutional investors are applying innovative investment strategies.

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Redesigning Retirement

Reimagine work and retirement in the 100-year life during this workshop addressing an important social issue on a grand scale.

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Building a brighter and more sustainable future for everyone — this is stakeholder capitalism at its core. But how do we create this future when significant social, economic and environmental challenges threaten our progress?


By changing our mindset and behaviors.


By collaborating to find new answers to persistent problems.


By using insight and empathy to maximize our impact — to do what’s better for our people, our communities and our world.


Join us at our executive dialogues at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, where we will address the disruptive strategies that are creating more sustainable futures.



Getting real about gender equality

January 21, 2020

What’s stopping us from creating a more inclusive, gender-equal working world?


Organizations, CEOs, boards and investors are increasingly focused on empowering women in the workforce. And employees across all generations say that working on diverse, inclusive teams brings out their individual and collective best. The societal and business benefits of building a diverse workforce and inclusive culture are clear. So why is progress so slow? Across industries and geographies, women still face challenges — including inequitable treatment, pay and access to opportunities.


The only way to ensure equality of opportunity is through real cultural change. This starts at the top with purpose-driven leadership and requires openness to reinvention, greater transparency and deeper commitment to engaging all employees — including men — in the journey. Mercer’s next-generation When Women Thrive research outlines the new path forward by challenging accepted HR practices and beliefs, and revealing the disruptive approaches that are creating a more inclusive working world.

Transformational investment

January 22, 2020

Innovative investors are taking action to address some of the world’s greatest risks.

Discover how you can partner with some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated institutional investors who are applying innovative investment strategies to address long-term risks facing the economy, society and the planet.


Join Rich Nuzum, President of Mercer’s Investments & Retirement business, and our special guest panel to learn how new opportunities for partnerships, co-investment and co-creation are transforming capitalism. Leaders from established sovereign wealth and pension funds globally will discuss noteworthy, innovative examples of how they are investing, with operating business partners, to address major systemic global risks such as:

  1. Low and negative interest rates, and the associated need for investment in venture capital and other entrepreneurial ventures and innovation more generally;

  2. Populism with its associated threat to free trade and globalization, driven by concerns about income inequality and other perceived failings of global capitalism;

  3. Demographic challenges, including aging and migration;

  4. Climate change and the associated need for economic transformation; and

  5. Water scarcity.





Redesigning retirement for longer working lives

January 23, 2020


Those born today will likely live close to 100 years, and the way they will live will be much different than today. From staying healthy and productive in older age, to reinventing careers multiple times and re-imagining what retirement means, lives will be completely reshaped. Now more than ever we need to examine not just how to live, but how to live long and well.


To help harness the power of longevity, Mercer is hosting a unique event at this year’s World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.


Join President and CEO Martine Ferland along with Yvonne Sonsino, Global Co-Leader of Mercer’s Next Stage platform, to look at how to reimagine work and retirement in the 100-year life. This promises to be a novel workshop addressing an important social issue on a grand scale.


This is a hands-on event; attendees will need to bring their energy and enthusiasm. We’ll do some rapid prototyping and design thinking covering a diverse range of personas. Following the event, we will combine our findings and solutions into an informative and useful “Redesigning Later Life” package. This will include the full output of the session, a plan for testing and developing the solutions, and a call to action for policy makers and employers to enable them.


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