Mercer spot poll reports provide you with insights on trending topics in the Middle East region. Get the latest updates on how macro-economic factors are influencing compensation and benefits in these markets.


  • Salary Increases Iran Spot Poll December 2019

    Participation from multinational companies


    • Market Covered: Iran


    • Industries: Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Technology, Energy


    • 2019 Actual Basic Salary Increase


    • 2020 Budgeted Basic Salary Increase


    • Inclusive of mandatory government increase


    • Increases presented by industry


    Price: USD 500


  • Lebanon Currency Payment Spot Poll November 2019

    Participation from 43 multinational and large local companies
    • Market Covered: Lebanon


    • Industries: Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Technology, Local Retailers


    • Current currency practice for employment contracts and salary pay outs


    • Exchange rate used


    • Changes to current currency practice


    • Additional actions planned – lump sum payments, additional salary increases, changes to allowances


    • 2020 salary increase budget


    Price: USD 500 per market


  • Sales Incentive Structures Spot Poll September 2019

    Participation from 16 multinational Life Sciences companies
    • Market Covered: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E


    • Industries: Life Sciences


    • Plan Mechanics – eligibility, calculation basis, frequency, threshold, maximum, cap


    • Performance pay-out – type of curve, target award by position, % or lump sum


    • Performance score card and multipliers – score card structure, financial and non-financial KPIs and weights


    Price: USD 500 per market or USD 3000 for all markets


  • 2019 Middle East Housing and Schooling Policies – September

    The report includes data on actual Housing and Schooling allowances and policies across GCC, Jordan and Lebanon, by employee groups from local and multi-national companies. Industry cuts are also available for Technology, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods and Energy segments.


    Examines Housing Policy components such as:


    • Frequency of Payment


    • Coverage of Local Nationals


    • Differentiation due to marital status or family size


    • Contributions to additional living costs (furniture, utilities)


    • Coverage of moving expenses



    Examines Schooling Policy components such as:


    • Reimbursement Terms


    • Restrictions – number of children, selected schools


    • Contributions to additional costs (transport, uniforms, books)




    • General Market Report: USD 750


    • Technology Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000


    • Life Sciences Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000


    • Energy Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000


    • Consumer Goods Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000



  • Egypt Termination Indemnity Practice Spot Poll December 2018

    Participation from 14 multinational companies


    • Markets Covered: Egypt


    • Industries: Life Sciences


    • Conditions for severance payments


    • Severance payout under each condition


    • Severance payments above statutory requirements


    • Basis for severance calculation   


    Price: USD 500 per market


  • October 2018 – Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iran

    Inflation, Currency Depreciation and Salary Increases Spot Poll

    Participation from 47 multinational companies


    • Markets Covered: Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iran


    • Industries: Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Technology and Energy


    • 2018 Salary Increases


    • 2018 Additional Salary Adjustments


    • 2018 Additional lump sum payments


    • Car/Transport Allowances increases


    • 2019 Salary Increases Projections


    • Data presented by industry where available


    Price: USD 500 per market


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