Mercer spot poll reports provide you with insights on trending topics in the Middle East region. Get the latest updates on how macro-economic factors are influencing compensation and benefits in these markets.

  • 2020 Housing and Schooling Spot Survey (July)

    The report includes data on actual Housing and Schooling allowances and policies across GCC, Jordan and Lebanon, by employee groups from local and multi-national companies. Industry cuts are also available for Technology, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods and Energy segments.


    Examines Housing Policy components such as:

    • Frequency of Payment
    • Coverage of Local Nationals
    • Differentiation due to marital status or family size
    • Contributions to additional living costs (furniture, utilities)
    • Coverage of moving expenses


    Examines Schooling Policy components such as:

    • Reimbursement Terms
    • Restrictions – number of children, selected schools
    • Contributions to additional costs (transport, uniforms, books)



    General Market Report: USD 750

    Life Sciences Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000

    Energy Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000

    Consumer Goods Industry cut vs. General Market: USD 1000


  • 2020 Lebanon Currency Payments (June)

    Participation from 38 multinational and large local companies
    • Market Covered: Lebanon
    • Industries: Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Technology, Local Retailers
    • Current currency practice for employment contracts and salary pay outs
    • Changes to current currency practice
    • Additional actions planned – lump sum payments, additional salary increases, changes to allowances
    • Salary transfer terms to banks
    • Also includes access to previous report editions from November 2019, February 2020


    Price: USD 500


  • 2020 Iran Cars & Transport Allowances (March)

    Participation from 15 multinational companies
    • Market Covered: Iran
    • Industries: Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Technology, Energy
    • Type of Car entitlement by employee group – Company Car, Cash in Lieu
    • Car Choice, Price, Make & model
    • Car expenses – fully paid, monthly allowance
    • Fuel allowances – Separate/Included in allowance, Essential/Core user and Non-Essential/Perk users, Usage litres
    • Cash allowance in lieu of company car – amount, additional expenses covered
    • Policy Review frequency
    • No car entitlement – transportation allowance


    Price: USD 500


  • 2020 Egypt Car Policy (January)

    Participation from 44 multinational companies
    • Market Covered: Egypt
    • Industries: Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Technology, Energy
    • General Car Policy: company car, leased car, car loan, cash in lieu of company car
    • Criteria for: Car selection, replacement period, price ceilings, make and model
    • Car expenses: amounts, separate fuel allowances, separate transportation allowances 
    • Car Lease criteria: duration, lease price, components covered, replacement period and purchase option
    • Car Loan criteria: repayment, replacement, collateraol requirements
    • Car Parking coverage
    • Cash in Lieu of company car: coverage, maximum allownces, separate fuel allowance, components included, additional items covered 


    Price: USD 500

    Peer group cut: USD 1000


  • 2019 Saudi Arabia Severance Pay due to Nationalization (March)

    Participation from 17 multinational companies
    • Market Covered: Saudi Arabia
    • Industry: Life Sciences
    • End of Service severance payment: calculation basis, components included
      • Voluntary turnover 
      • Involuntary turnover 
      • Redundancy due to nationalization
    • Indemnity calculations 
    • Calculations for Saudi Nationals


    Price: USD 500


  • 2018 Egypt Termination Indemnity Practice (December)

    Participation from 14 multinational companies
    • Market Covered: Egypt
    • Industry: Life Sciences
    • Termination practices: calculation basis, components included
      • Redundancy 
      • Mutually Agreed/Company initiation
      • Poor performance
      • Compliance


    Price: USD 500

Razan Simaan
Razan Simaan
Principal. Industry Forums Leader - MEA
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