Mercer Training Series - Leading for Success

For many companies, demand far exceeds supply when it comes to both today’s top leadership talent and tomorrow’s leadership bench. This gap, plus the inability to find or afford leaders in the open market, is steering many companies toward “building” their own internal supply of leaders. But in today’s rapidly changing global context, even born leaders must develop multidimensional capabilities and instincts to adapt to globalization, constant change, cultural norms, and so much more. This is where Mercer comes in. We help organizations build their pipeline of highly skilled leaders through a full suite of leadership solutions — from strategy development through delivery, including our proven Leading for Success training.

This training is part of the Mercer Training Series - Spring 2016 - Data Driven Leadership.


Leading for Success is ideally suited to companies operating in high-growth markets and requiring rapid interventions to develop local leadership skills and behaviors… without breaking budgets. Our unique approach leverages leading edge leadership and training theory, proven methodologies, and practical experience gained through developing thousands of leaders worldwide. The results are unmatched when it comes to equipping managers and experienced frontline leaders with the self-awareness and skills to successfully lead teams and execute with results.

Learning objectives


Developing self-awareness and understanding leadership in context. What is leadership, how does it differ from what I’m doing now, and what are the gaps in my skills?


Developing competence and confidence in aligning teams and individuals. How do I go about setting direction and gaining the commitment of others to follow along?


Broadening skills to ensure success from teams andindividuals.

This is an instructor-led two day training in Dubai, UAE.

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