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New opportunities for co-investment and co-creation are transforming capitalism.


Join Mercer experts and a special guest panel January 22 to learn how the world’s largest, most sophisticated institutional investors are applying innovative investment strategies to address long-term risks facing the economy, society and the planet. Join Mercer experts and a special guest panel to learn how new opportunities for partnerships, co-investment and co-creation are transforming capitalism.







Julio Portalatin


Julio A. Portalatin is President and Chief Executive Officer of Mercer, a leading global consulting firm that delivers advice and technology-driven solutions to help organizations meet the health, wealth and career needs of a changing workforce. He leads more than 23,000 employees who support clients in over 140 countries. Under his leadership, Mercer has demonstrated growth through expansion into emerging markets and transformative acquisitions and partnerships; has grown assets under delegated management to over $240 billion; and continues to lead in creating regionally powerful health services and driving unique people + digital solutions focused on preparing companies for the future of work.

As a thought leader and speaker on the changing workforce, Julio has contributed to the dialogue on the future of work, human capital, global economic trends, healthcare, financial wellness, pension systems and diversity. Before joining Mercer in 2012, Julio spent over 30 years at Allstate Insurance Company and AIG. Since 2017, Julio has been on the Board of DXC Technologies, a leading global technology company. He has been a steward of the World Economic Forum and actively supports several nonprofit organizations; he currently sits on the Board of Covenant House International, which works with homeless youth. Julio received a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and an honorary doctorate from Hofstra University, and is a member of its Board of Trustees.

Renée McGowan

CEO Asia

Based in Hong Kong, Renée is Chief Executive Officer, Asia of Mercer, a leading global consulting firm advising organizations on the Health, Wealth, and Career needs of a dynamic workforce. Mercer has over 23,000 colleagues supporting clients in over 130 countries, including the fast-growing and changing Asia region. Through 17 years at Mercer, Renée has held various senior positions most directly focused on the changing global landscape of retirement savings, pension systems, and investments. Renée is a passionate advocate for improving the financial inclusion and security of individuals, and for helping organizations and individuals navigate the changing nature of work, career, and retirement. Before joining Mercer, Renée worked with a small number of consulting firms, located in Singapore and London. With Mercer, Renée has led businesses in London, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, and now Hong Kong. Renée also leads Mercer’s partnership with the World Economic Forum on the Retirement and Investment Systems Reform Project. She is a regular presenter at global symposiums and events and contributor to international media, inlcluding WEF, BRINK, NY Times, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, and Asset TV.

Daniel Shakhani

Salary Finance

Daniel Shakhani is an entrepreneur working at the intersection of social impact, financial technology (FinTech) and employee benefits. Daniel is the founder of Salary Finance, alongside Dan Cobley, former head of Google UK, and Asesh Sarkar, a former banking consultant. Salary Finance is a breakthrough platform focused on improving the financial health of employees in the UK and US.


Salary Finance helps employees move from debt to savings through innovative salary-linked products. These include savings products linked directly to payroll — to help employees automatically build up savings during each pay period — and low interest salary-linked loans — to replace the high-cost debts employees have, saving them money in interest and helping them pay off debt sooner.


Daniel was inspired to create the platform after seeing how a lack of access to affordable financial services was causing Asesh’s nanny to struggle with debt repayment. He initially helped her by giving her a loan that she repaid monthly from her salary, before scaling the model globally. Salary Finance was recognized as the 2018 socially responsible business of the year by BITC (Business in the Community — The Prince’s Responsible Business Network). It has received 37 awards globally and was featured on the Forbes list of socially responsible British startups.


A keen supporter of social entrepreneurship, Daniel co-founded the FT Philanthropy; Global Impact Summit.

Leena Nair


Leena Nair is the first female, first Asian and youngest ever CHRO of Unilever and member of the Unilever Leadership Executive (ULE), which is responsible for delivering Unilever’s business and financial performance.


She bears overall responsibility for the human capital of Unilever, which operates across multiple regulatory and labor environments spread over 190 countries. Leena ensures the company has the right people in the right roles, with the right capabilities and mindset to deliver high performance that enables Unilever to meet its ambitious business growth objectives with positive environmental and social impact. She also heads the Diversity and Inclusion agenda for the organization, ensuring that its workforce is truly diverse and inclusive.


In 2007, Leena became the first woman on Hindustan Unilever’s Management Committee. A year later, she was the first woman appointed to the Unilever South Asia Leadership Team, responsible for Unilever's growth in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Leena was Senior Vice President – Leadership & Organization Development and Global Head of Diversity in 2013, before being appointed as CHRO in March 2016. Leena has been recognized as one of the 25 most powerful women in business by Business Today for seven consecutive years.

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