Transforming Flex Benefits With Data Analytics

Transforming Flex Benefits With Data Analytics

Offering flexibility in the workplace has become more commonplace, with more employers seeing the value of providing a greater variety of benefits and allowing employees to select the most suitable option for themselves and their families. However, some employers are still struggling with the flex benefits design and implementation.

This is because employers are using traditional approaches to building and communicating benefits choices. Flexible benefits programs require a face-lift in the digital age, and this is accomplished through the use of data analytics and personalized communication.

Today's employees not only expect more personalized benefits but also guidance on how to use them in an easily accessible way. They want to be able to access personal data insights at any time with any device. By integrating data with technology, employers can offer a "personal coach" on-demand.

Alice Peng
by Alice Peng


Principal, Employee Health and Benefits

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