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Mercer’s Global Manager Search Trends
Calendar16 May 2017

Investment Management Trends. Did you know?

  • The Mercer global search trends shows that throughout 2016 Mercer advised clients on 857 searches, leading to US$56.8 billion of assets being placed in new mandates.
  • 2016 saw a slight decline in the total number of searches and assets allocated compared to 2015. The headline numbers mask some significant regional differences: search activity fell in North America, the UK and Australia, while it rose in most other regions.  
  • Fixed-income searches increased slightly year over year, with continued demand for non-traditional asset classes.


Industry Intelligence: Get the Latest Data on the Asset Classes Selected by Pension Plans, Endowments, Foundations, and Other Institutional Investors.

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Subscribers gain valuable business intelligence through the information and analysis found within the MercerInsight Trends module, including access to the underlying search data (aggregated by asset class, and updated quarterly) and the ability to view and identify asset categories gaining most interest by asset owners.

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Source: Mercer. Click to enlarge infographic.

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