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Calendar25 September 2017

Welcome back to Research Perspectives! Our first issue for 2018 once again contains a wide variety of relevant investment-related topics.

We begin with a piece authored by David Stuart that provides a point/counterpoint discussion of the far-reaching effects — both positive and negative — of globalization. Like globalization, our second topic has also been making headlines in recent months: active management fees. Nick Sykes and Rich Dell outline an alternative management fee framework to improve the fairness symmetry between relevant investment parties and to better align their interests.

In our third section, we discuss investment opportunities. Robert Howie makes an argument for investors to consider (or reconsider) insurance-linked strategies following a period of underperformance. Additionally, we have Paul Richards and Tom Snape sharing insights on real estate and ESG investing. Next, Rich Dell briefly frames the evolution of factor investing. He also cautions against the pitfalls of not fully understanding the nuances of various factor-driven long-only equity strategies and highlights how investors may use factor investing to their advantage.

We close out this edition of Research Perspectives with some quick hits. With two postcards, Deb Clarke recounts her extended time in Chicago, and Bev Sharp anticipates her upcoming assignment in Singapore.

We also share an introductory Q&A exchange with Kylie Willment, Mercer’s new Pacific region CIO.

Topics covered include:

  • Is It Time to Rethink Globalization?
  • Management Fees — Seeking Fairness and Alignment
  • Investment Opportunities
    • Insurance-Linked Strategies in 2018 —
    • Putting Money Into Real Estate
    • What Are ESG Investments, and Why Are They Necessary?
  • Factor Investing— Cutting Through the Hype
  • On the Move
    • Postcards From Deb Clarke and Bev Sharp
    • Q&A With Kylie Willment
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