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Global Employee Benefits to Help You Compete Locally

Global organizations are a vast mosaic of local divisions, each with its own unique benefits needs. Mercer can help multinationals deliver employee benefits that provide economy, efficiency, and consistency across the globe yet allow local divisions to compete for critical talent, attract expats, and retain key employees.

Delivering Multiple Advantages to Multinational Organizations

Mercer has the largest and most experienced team of international employee benefits specialists. We offer our clients access to specialists who facilitate benefits programs in more than 150 countries — few organizations have our depth of experience in the global development of:

  • Benefits strategies.
  • Governance models.
  • Benefits management.
  • Partners and brokerage services.
  • Health and wellness programs.

A Data-Driven Approach to Global Employee Benefits

Mercer leverages proprietary data, landmark global surveys, and advanced tools to design cost-efficient and relevant global employee benefits. It allows us to:

  • Review worldwide benefits plans.
  • Benchmark local market data.
  • Optimize your benefits spend.
  • Leverage global buying power.

One-Size Employee Benefits Don’t Fit All

Working with Mercer means being able to tailor your employee benefits solutions. We work with multinationals of all sizes, in every region and country. To find out how Mercer can develop a customized global employee benefits program especially for your organization, complete the info box below.

Global Benefits Services and Products

Global Benefits Management

Our Global Benefits Management (GBM) offering provides a streamlined approach to managing insured employee benefits around the world, aiming to achieve the optimal balance between the local and global requirements of our clients by ensuring effective execution of the benefits strategy.

By “outsourcing” the management of the global risk benefits to us, our clients achieve the best balance between global expertise, coordination and local delivery – while still retaining strategic control. We provide integrated global and local brokerage, and advice, to optimize the management of risk benefits. We take over as the broker and consultant for our clients’ benefits programs around the world and our dedicated management team implements the process in accordance with global benefits strategy. We provide ongoing program coordination, management, monitoring and reporting.

Global Actuarial (Coordination And Consulting)

Global actuarial services are a core service offering at Mercer. We have unparalleled experience, with over 275 global actuarial clients.

We have the most extensive network of local actuaries of any competitor and we are able to provide local actuarial valuation services seamlessly, using consistent reporting and methodologies for all plans, irrespective of where around the globe a company has its operations.  We are able to tailor our deliverables to meet the needs of our clients; from providing ad-hoc pensions advice at HQ level to acting as global pensions, benefits and risk consultant … and everything in between.

Global DC Plan Management

Mercer’s global defined contribution (DC) management approach recognizes the increasing need that most corporates have to manage their DC arrangements. Mercer has developed a simple framework to help employers ensure that their plans around the world are optimized.

The three key areas are: DESIGN TO ENABLE — DC demands a broader view in terms of design. It's not just the contribution structure. Consider also the default options and member experience. Are overall costs manageable and is the plan competitive? MANAGE TO PROTECT — Focus on tight vendor management. If anything goes wrong the implications can be severe including loss of member funds and reputational damage.  In addition ensure the plan is in line with the regulators' ever tightening grip on DC. INVEST TO LEVERAGE — Help clients to use their considerable buying power with a view to improve retirement outcomes for employees.

Mercer Globe™

Ongoing economic volatility and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape have increased pressures on the world’s retirement systems. For plan sponsors and fiduciaries, Mercer Globe provides a centralized structure and source of information for managing their company’s retirement programs.

Whether there is one plan or many plans across several geographies, Mercer Globe is designed to help companies better navigate the complexities of retirement plan management by understanding the implications of changes to design, contribution and investment policies; facilitating strong governance practices; and assessing the impact of fluctuating economic conditions.  Mercer Globe complements our holistic, consulting approach by helping sponsors make better informed decisions about retirement programs across their organization and deliver employee retirement benefits more effectively.


MercerGOLD+ is Mercer’s global online database used by more than 200 multinational organizations for managing information on their worldwide employee benefits, compensation and human resource programs.

MercerGOLD+ is Mercer’s global online database used by more than 200 multinational organizations for managing information on their worldwide employee benefits, compensation and human resource programs.

Global Health Management

Mercer’s Global Health Management (GHM) solutions support multinational clients to improve the health and productivity of their workforce.

By balancing local differences (e.g. culture, health risks, government care provisions) with global similarities (e.g. personal motivators), GHM strategies are designed to be offered to employees at the global, regional and/or local level, under a single employer brand, enabling economies of scale and more consistent quality standards to maximize program effectiveness. In addition to our 60+ US health management experts, more than 100 clinical professionals and other experts outside the US are devoted to health management and related disciplines around the world.  

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