Accident Insurance

In today’s race for talent, a group personal accident plan is a fundamental element in an employee benefits program and a key part of your overall employee value proposition. Protect First™ by Mercer Marsh Benefits reinforces our continuous commitment to help clients look after their employees when it matters most. This accident plan provides benefits to employees working in a range of occupations and industries.

Travel Insurance

Travel First™ leverages the resources and experience of Mercer Marsh Benefits to bring you a marketleading, cost-effective and efficient group business travel solution. The plan provides a comprehensive range of benefits covering medical, personal and travel-related incidents. In a world of increasing mobility and increasing risk, we make sure your employees can travel with confidence.

High-end Medical Insurance

Around the world, healthcare consumption rates are increasing, driving up premiums and creating new challenges for international employers seeking to manage their benefits spend effectively. Through Mercer Marsh Benefits’ International Health First™, employers can work with dedicated specialists to determine the best approach to designing and delivering insurance programs for their globally mobile workforce. Our team members are experts in customer service and dispute resolution, ensuring international programs run efficiently and employees receive the care they deserve.

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