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Delegated Investment Solutions

Mercer’s delegated solutions combines customized strategic asset allocation advice with a robust multi-manager structure. Mercer’s team of experts provides continuous portfolio oversight through a disciplined, well-documented governance process.

Some clients look to Mercer for not just advice, but also to implement our investment ideas on their behalf. Solutions range from the construction of single asset class or diversified portfolios based on Mercer’s global manager research to the full implementation of a long-term strategic plan.

Our process begins with understanding where you are today regarding the plan’s design and investment features, what your ultimate objectives are and how can we develop a strategy and investment structure that helps meet your goals.

How Mercer Can Help

Financials management

•  Potentially more predictable plan contributions
•  May minimize accounting impact of interest rate volatility
•  Balance sheet stability


•  Buying power of a large plan – Multiple asset, styles and classes
•  Complementary managers
•  Active and passive strategies

Transfer fiduciary responsibility

•  Manager selection and termination
•  Manager monitoring
•  Plan rebalancing
•  Manage transitions
•  Document policies

Potential time savings for management

•  Refocus your time by delegating
    –  Daily investment decisions
    –  Plan and cash flow management
•  Manager reviews

Potentially enhanced performance

•  Combine asset class specialist investment managers
•  Utilize optimal rebalancing techniques

Potentially decreased costs

•  Seek favorable fees through pooling of assets
•  Seek to minimize transaction costs

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