Staff worldwide and 181 dedicated

research analysts1

# 1

Consultant by Global Assets under Advisement2

$304 billion

Delegated Assets Under Management3

$15 trillion

Assets under Advisement4

"By delegating their investments to us, clients are getting better diversification, lower costs and faster implementation so they can focus their time on strategy." – Rich Nuzum, President of Mercer’s Global Wealth business, on our governance philosophy


At Mercer, we have helped millions of people live a more secure future and organizations build a more secure business. For non-profits, our advice has opened opportunities to fulfill their mission and do more good in the world. For the individuals that wealth creation ultimately touches, we give them the freedom to live their lives — their way.


Whether you are an employer, institutional investor, non-profit/endowment, financial intermediary, or family office, we help you achieve growth in a complex world. Together, we strive for better decisions that drive better outcomes for our clients, for people, and for society. 


   We can help you get there


Savings and retirement consulting

We will help you navigate the volatility, uncertain liabilities, and regulatory complexity of DB pensions and help you provide innovative solutions for your employees while you focus on generating value for your business.



Portfolio transformation & optimization

Mercer’s PTO practice provides expertise and experience to Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), corporate holdings and family businesses. We support them by bringing clarity and action-oriented change in managing their portfolios.



Operational consulting group

Operational risks can be material and are not easily identified, and the risk environment continues to evolve. We provide solutions for asset allocators and asset managers for these critical operational challenges. Our services include:


Investors & advice

We can provide you with the insights, tools and solutions to help you better manage and get the most out of your investment portfolio.


Why Mercer? Why Mercer?

Why Mercer?

As a leader in retirement and investment strategies, we offer a full spectrum of actuarial, administration and investment solutions and consulting services.

$15 trillion

in assets under advisement 5 and $304 billion in delegated assets under management 6


investment professionals worldwide and 181 dedicated research analysts 7


colleagues and 130 countries served worldwide 8


consultant by global assets under advisement 9

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Figures used refer to Mercer’s business globally and are not specific to Mercer's business in Ireland.

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