Mercer Advantage:

Dedicated specialists focused on governance, investment operations and execution risk

A global team (50+), Expert team with highly specialized backgrounds

Over $2 trillion in invested assets over the past 15 years

Custody Consulting: Accessing independent, specialist knowledge to help clients build long-lasting custody relationships

Dedicated Custody Specialists

In-depth Knowledge of Institutional Best Practices


Mercer’s global custody service and fee specialists have a deep understanding of custody services to provide investors with better results and better value

Globally, Mercer provides investment advisory services to institutional investors representing more than $11 trillion in assets.

Mercer is neither an investment manager, investment bank nor an audit firm. Mercer can provide independent and objective advice based solely on your needs.

Securities Lending

Mercer has extensive experience consulting to institutional investors on all aspects of securities lending programs including identifying the most appropriate:

  • Route to market.
  • Advising on program structures.
  • Evaluating and selecting lenders.
  • Assessing and benchmarking lending operations and controls.
  • Assessing lending revenue estimates.

Transition Consulting

Undertaking transitions can incur significant risks and material costs. Regardless of how simple they seem, each transition presents unique challenges and complexities. This demands oversight, and oversight demands considerable experience and knowledge. Mercer Sentinel has market-leading solutions to assist and advise clients on all transition aspects: identifying, analyzing and controlling risks and costs. Using our extensive global experience with trading, transition controls and capital market operations, we help clients address potential issues and complications prior to moving assets. Our unique and sophisticated methodologies promote transparent cost and risk discovery.


 We maintain close contact with all Transition Managers in the market and can assist with selection of a provider where required.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign currency trades are required in order to invest in foreign markets, repatriate income and manage currency exposures. A significant number of foreign exchange (FX) transactions are automatically traded without reference to competitive rates. The level of the spread charged to investor's can vary enormously if not closely monitored, resulting in excess costs being incurred, ultimately eroding the value of their assets.


Mercer has been providing FX transaction cost monitoring for clients for many years and has observed consistently strong performance once a good monitoring process is established. Monitoring ongoing performance not only facilitates good governance; it supports a constructive dialogue with service providers, which should in turn lead to better execution and lower costs. Key benefits include greater transparency (leading to enhanced governance), improved execution, lower costs and increased portfolio value.

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