Did you know that 78% of your employees* think that you could do more to help them prepare for their financial future?


Mercer’s Inside Employees MindsTM study found that on average individuals spend 13 hours per month worrying about money matters at work. Financial stress is real. The link with physical-wellbeing and emotional-health can have a significant impact on productivity.


For many employees in the GCC, finding a way to build a more secure financial future is a key concern. However, most do not have access to the employee sponsored savings schemes found across much of the rest of the world.

Financial security means different things to different people. Savings could be used to pay off a mortgage, fund a child’s education or maintain a desired lifestyle in retirement.


In most cases the End of Service Gratuity will not provide sufficient savings to maintain a desired lifestyle. With a changing workforce and the need to attract top talent, organizations need to distinguish themselves to stand out. The workforce of the future is demanding more than just a pay cheque. They are looking for an organization that that offers purpose and belonging and creates a differentiated experience that also supports their financial security.

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