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Get the most out of the deal

  • Gain valuable insights into the key people risks and opportunities for various deal types
  • Identify and manage real-world people-related challenges
  • Optimize the price paid and capture greater synergies from your transaction

Why attend?


Mercer's 30 years of M&A experience proves that strategic pre-deal preparation improves the organization's ability to support successful transactions. We believe that early strategy and planning help avoid costly mistakes, capture greater synergies and improve overall results.


Mercer's acclaimed M&A Ready™ Development Program consists of an intensive and highly interactive two-day workshop covering every deal phase from planning through to post-deal implementation enabling you to identify and manage real-world people-related challenges, optimize the price paid and capture greater synergies from your transaction.

  What do you gain?


Exchange best practices and network with peers and Mercer M&A experts.

Valuable Insights

Gain vital insights on human capital issues in the end-to-end deal phase.

Real-World Experience

Mercer M&A Transaction consultants and other participants share their deal experiences – including best practices and lessons learned.

Planning & Execution

Strategic planning and effective execution prepare you to meet the challenges that arise during the deal.

Strategy and Activity Alignment

Learn to master the alignment of business strategies with M&A activities and become a valuable partner to the executive team.

Tools & Resources

Receive tools and resources that you can apply immediately to your actual deals.

Who should attend?

Senior HR Executives

The Mercer M&A Ready™ Development Program prepares you to tackle the critical people issues that drive M&A success – issues such as retention, key talent assessment, workforce engagement, compensation and benefits, and cultural integration (i.e. the alignment of business strategy, structure, processes and people).

Corporate Development / Strategy and Finance Executives

The Mercer M&A Ready™ Development Program provides valuable insight into key people risks and opportunities for the different types of deals you manage. This enables you to prove the deal thesis and evaluate the people-related impacts in order to optimize the price paid and capture greater synergies from your transaction.

Business Leaders

Your next transaction may be a critical point in your organization's growth. The Mercer M&A Ready™ Development Program demonstrates how a laser-focus on securing the right talent in the right jobs can vastly increase your chances of success and improve your long-term business results.

Customized training

Mercer also delivers private development programs tailored to individual organizations' unique needs. Our customized program can be conducted in local languages using country-specific or global material.

Global faculty

Mercer M&A Transaction Services consultants bring their deal experience with proven strategic solutions for success. Each faculty member brings with them an extensive breadth of knowledge, insights and regional experience.

What participants are saying about the Mercer M&A Ready™ Development Program

Over the past 14 years, more than 5,000 professionals from a diverse mix of companies around the world have endorsed The Mercer M&A Ready™ Development Program and have consistently ranked the program 4.8 out of 5.0.

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The combination of material and the case simulations helped accelerate my learning. The class was engaging and the speakers were confident in their knowledge and presentation. - Christina Dickenson HR M&A Deal Lead, Intel Corporation
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