2019 Mercer TRS
2019 Mercer Total Remuneration Survey results Events in Middle East

It’s time for the results event of Mercer’s comprehensive market survey updates. Over the years Mercer’s TRS event has provided cutting edge insights on different market Trends in HR industry backed with our extensive research and market survey results. So, Join the elite conversation with leading HR professionals and check one of our events happening in your country. Looking forward to see you in one of our events!

Why attend Mercer TRS events?

  1. Get key insights from Mercer’s 2019 TRS survey on compensation and benefits for your country
  2. Global industry research by Mercer in regards to Talent management and best practices according to local markets
  3. Discussions on major trends and hot topics in the region and networking with leading HR professionals.

Join the conversation in your country!

Click one of the below events to view details on venue, agenda and registration. Reach out to us directly on mercermiddleeast@mercer.com in case you need any help!

TRS Event Details to Register