HR is under significant pressure to access data from across the organization to make fact-based human capital decisions, provide business leaders easy access to an instructive dashboard of key metrics, and, in today’s self-service model, have information at managers’ and employees’ fingertips with an intuitive user experience.

Technology can help, until it’s outdated or not performing and you are presented with another set of challenges: How do you make sense of all the new, exciting options and advancements available today? Can you be sure that what you select is best for your organization’s unique needs — today and tomorrow — and will pay dividends many times over?

You Know It's Time For New HR Technology When...

• Users are generally underwhelmed and frustrated.

• Your solution is no longer supported, and no one in-house can maintain it.

• You start looking for a user manual, but it was last seen years ago next to the fax machine.

• The technology works, as long as it doesn’t need to communicate with other systems.

• The “work arounds” are faster than the technology.

Due Diligence From a Trusted Resource

With so much at stake, consider an external subject-matter expert to assist with the process - establishing a clear business case for change, helping to secure executive support, conducting a thorough evaluation, and ensuring stakeholder engagement from beginning to end.

Otherwise, your organization may find itself in the same situation as today — with technology that’s not effective for your business needs or outdated before its time.


We draw from our deep and longstanding HR expertise (in HR technology, functional effectiveness, as well as program design and implementation) and apply our proven methodology to ensure that your organization selects, implements, and uses the most-effective technology for your unique business situation.


1.       Needs Assessment

Mercer’s experienced consultants analyze your current technology architecture, assess your needs based on business strategy and the latest advancements, and partner with you to build the business case for change.

2.       Evaluation

We work side by side with your steering committee and change leaders to identify key selection and evaluation criteria and to draft a detailed Request for Proposal with in-depth case scenarios.

3.       Analysis and Selection

Mercer prepares a concise side-by-side comparison of solution options and facilitates a scoring workshop. This step includes building the financial business case for change, reference evaluation, reaching consensus on the optimal solution, and transition planning.

4.       Implementation

We establish the implementation team’s project governance, develop an implementation plan (including change management and communications), and help re-engineer future processes.

Situated For Success: Mercer At Your Side

Choosing and implementing HR technology can be intimidating; a lot is at stake. We will work with you to ensure that your investment of time and resources delivers on technology’s promise and is a best fit for your situation.

Experienced and rigorous project management will be key to your success, and we can provide:

• Experience and influence to ensure that you have a steering committee with strong executive sponsorship and clear decision making guidelines and delegation authority.

• Rigorous project management working to fulfill a realistic project plan that is transparent to all stakeholders.

• An experienced, dedicated team with standardized tools and a proven methodology.

• A thoughtful change management and communication plan to ensure stakeholder buy-in.

• Regular assessment of project risk factors, mitigation strategies, and alignment with the business case.

Ultimately, it is our objective to help ensure that:

• Your technology selection meets your unique business requirements.

• Your implementation stays on track in terms of both cost and timeframe.

• You don’t feel overrun with technology.

• Stakeholders experience value and are engaged and successfully utilizing the technology the way it was intended.

Mercer works with organizations in a variety of ways to reflect their needs and available resources.

We can provide moderate support and let your project team perform a significant amount of work using Mercer templates and guidance, or we can perform most of the work with review and input from your project team — or we can come up with something in between.

We do what it takes to ensure that your organization successfully selects and implements the right technology to drive performance.

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