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End to end transformation, implementation and change management

3 areas are on top of CXOs mind today

1 Adoption of future of work strategies to compete and stay relevant
2 Technological disruption triggering the need of organizational transformation
3 Increasing organizational agility and resource efficiency

Connecting Human Capital Management with business strategy

Our team brings a deep understanding of strategic business priorities, technological and human capital enablers, and Mercer tools and research, to help our clients think holistically with an eye on the future.


Through our OD&E consulting, products and solutions, we help clients assess and develop their existing organizational and human capital capabilities, and successfully align them to their business strategy.



of CEOs plan to redesign their organizations by next year


of CEOs believe their organizations are still not change agile


of CEOs perceive a gap between current and required skills supply

* Source: Mercer Global Talent Trends, 2019

What differentiates us?

OD&E Case studies

Public sector

Strategy refresh resulting in major HR transformation project

Mercer partnered with HR at a ministry, undergoing a strategy refresh resulting in organizational transformation, including a revamp of the HR strategy and roadmap, organization redesign and career framework revision.

Oil & gas

Streamlining with strategic workforce planning

Male workers using laptop below oil well

Mercer analyzed the workforce and developed a two year people strategy plan resulting in a more sustainable and productive workforce, and positioning HR as a strategic decision maker. The client saved over US$100M across 5 years.


Redesigning the organizational framework

Mercer worked with a leading regional ICT player to provide a 3-year strategic workforce plan to help align their strategy and operating model in a changed environment with innovative and future-proof recommendations.

Public sector

Strategically developing a new region

Mercer supported a country develop a strategically important region and helped identify the required human capabilities to support the growth plans across critical industries shaping the country’s economy and strategic priorities for the next ten years.

How we help clients become Future-Ready

Organizational transformation

  • Analyze people and organizational capabilities to successfully execute strategy
  • Define a future-state organization structure and operating model positioned for growth and increased profitability
  • Activate the organization structure with an enabling career framework resulting in a performance driven organization

Strategic workforce planning

  • Design a multi-year people strategy linked to strategic priorities through a data-driven process
  • Leverage our holistic analysis toolkit including segmentation, internal and external labor market, competency algorithms
  • Use Mercer`s optimization methodology incorporating internal benchmarking and scenario development

Future of work

  • Identification of future workforce trends and linkage to industry and client context
  • Assessment of implications on the organization and jobs (e.g. implications of AI on specific functions)
  • Identification of future capability requirements and prioritization according to strategic priorities

Sector HC strategy

  • Assessment of the Future of Work (impact of technology, longevity, Marco-economic and geo-political factors) on our clients’ organization (i.e. structure, operating models, governance, workforce development, retirement planning)

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People form the core of every organization.  Yet 65% of executives today feel their company's ability to mitigate people risks are not effective. Find out how the Human Capital Compass can help your organization.

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