Organizational Development and Effectiveness 

Today’s world is characterized by rapid technological advancements, globalization, perpetual product innovation, and generational and cultural shifts. All this is causing the life cycle of products and business designs to shorten considerably. Organizations are also facing unprecedented pressure to attract, retain, reskill and redeploy talent as well as to manage cost to stay competitive. A more diverse demographic profile, digital ways of working, and shifting employee expectations are reshaping the future workplace. To not just succeed but thrive in such an environment, organizations need to constantly adapt and realign their people strategy with their business strategy.


According to Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Study, preparing for the future of work is top of mind for organizational leadership (Figure 1). An integrated people strategy anchored in the organization’s priorities can close that distance and help drive value in shifting times.


Figure 1: Preparing for the 'future of work' is top of mind of organizations

Source: Mercer's 2019 Global Talent Trends Study



At Mercer, we help our clients think holistically and with an eye on the future. Through our Organizational Development and Effectiveness [OD&E] consulting, products and solutions, we help clients comprehensively assess and develop their existing organizational and human capital capabilities, and successfully align them to the business strategy. 


Our unique value proposition

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How we enable clients

Strategic Implementation: Consulting

Sector Human Capital Agenda and Strategy

  • Assessment of future of work drivers – such as the impact of technology, longevity, macro-economic and geo-political factors – on the future workforce and organization [i.e. structure, operating models, governance, workforce development, and retirement planning].

Organizational Transformation

  • Analysis of the strategy and organizational capabilities required to fulfill the strategy
  • Creation of a future-state organization structure and operating model that best positions clients for future growth and increased profitability

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • A systematic, data-driven process that allows to create a multi-year people strategy and plan driven by strategic priorities through
  • Access to comprehensive analyses toolkit including segmentation, internal labor market, external labor market, competency algorithm and migration paths
  • Benchmark through Mercer`s proven optimization methodology based on internal benchmarking and sophisticated scenario development methodologies


Strategic Inteventions: Products And Diagnostic Solutions

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Mercer`s proprietary technology platform is a holistic solution capable of generating sophisticated, highly granular and data-driven insights around strategies, automation and productivity

Human Capital Alignment with Business Strategy

  • An innovative model that allows the leadership team to understand Human Capital Management (HCM) capabilities of their organizations and also offers Rapid Action Plan to align business with organization and human capital capabilities

Financial Impact Analysis from Human Capital Assets

  • Valuation Inflation Risk Analysis Tool that allows dealmakers and corporate investment leaders to assess the valuation impact of the human capital assets
  • Enables rapid development of an actionable acquisition / merger roadmap contributing to the 100-day plan


Case studies

Strategic Implementation: Consulting

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Sector Human Capital Agenda and Strategy

  • For a country seeking support to develop a strategically important region, Mercer identified the required people capabilities to support the growth plans across multiple critical industries which will be shaping the country`s economy and strategic priorities for the next 10 years
Start-up meeting, group, post-it, note

Organizational Transformation

  • For a strategic Ministry’s organization transformation, Mercer supported the HR team in redesigning the HR strategy, organization structure, career framework and roadmap, resulting in an efficient, performance-driven, and capability centric organization aligned to strategic objectives
  • For a leading sovereign fund with multiple investments and operating companies that was challenged with C-suite level structure and governance issues, Mercer developed the overarching governance model and conducted an organization redesign of the portfolio companies
Asian Businesswoman Leading Meeting At Boardroom Table

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • For a global petrochemical manufacturer seeking major workforce optimization through multi-year people strategy and plan, Mercer developed a two year strategic workforce plan including workforce rightsizing, resulting in a more focused, sustainable and productive workforce and strengthening HR`s role as a decision maker rather than an enabler. Estimated client cost savings were US$100 million over 5 years
  • For a leading telecom operator, Mercer conducted a comprehensive workforce rightsizing exercise and a strategic workforce planning for a 3-year period. Critical future roles and key capabilities, were identified for the organization, resulting in an estimated savings of 25%


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Who do we partner with?


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