Mercer | Exclusive C-Level Roundtable
Preparing You for the New Era in Banking!

Join us for an exclusive C-Level closed-door event, bringing our global experts and partners, in association with the Economist, to share our Banking insights and case studies for the top Banking Leaders in the UAE to be held on 6th November at the Intercontinental, Marina.

Please reach out to us  by Email if you’d like to register for this opportunity!

Event Abstract:

The Financial Service industry has undergone a large transformation over the last decade. While there is tremendous opportunity for banks to create a unique experience for their clients, its success rate will depend on 2 factors:

  • How much are they embracing change such as adopting new technologies and automating processes while maintaining a high level of cyber security and data protection standards for their clients?
  • How are they engaging the different generations in the workforce, reskilling their workforce to increase employee engagement and productivity to grow top-line revenue?

Our research has shown when engaging employees and helping them thrive, the business results of financial institutions are being positively impacted. We have worked with large financial institution and an improvement in employee attitudes was linked to an additional $28 million in revenue due to increased customer satisfaction.

Our studies have shown that the financial institutions who have been successful in the midst of change are the ones who put people matters into the board room with a focus on:

Up and Reskilling I 60% of you workforce will need a different skill set within the next 5-10 years.

Prepare your workforce with a comprehensive training roadmap to meet the informed client needs by offering them insights on complex financial products to find solutions for their needs. In Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trend Survey Executives predict that 1 in 5 jobs in their organization will not exist anymore in future.

Changing Demographics need changing People Strategies I Employees are 2 times more likely to work for companies offering flexible working

The Financial Service sector is not well-positioned to draw the talent they need with an aging workforce, the rise of the gig economy and the rise of millennials, who are placing less value on high pay compared to rewards, such as flexible working, well-being offers or trainings to grow.

So how can you be prepared for the future of work to enable top-line revenue growth?

  • Curating a compelling employee value proposition
  • Building a digital workplace
  • Enhancing the employee experience
  • Optimizing cost and risk management whole life cycle