Mercer Training Series Spring 2016 - Data Driven Leadership


Unlocking the value of using data to drive the decision making process.


At Mercer Learning this is what we can enable you to create. It’s great people that make great organizations, and as it becomes more critical than ever that HR is equipped to provide strategic insight, our training and development courses will equip your HR function to be at the frontline of eciency and performance.

"Benefit from attending Mercer experiential and development program led by people who do this work, not trainers."

Taking HR to a transformational level

Organizations have undeniably entered the era of “Big Data” and the data driven decision making approach is gaining popularity within the enterprise, as market pressures mount. Today, more than ever, HR professionals and operational managers need to know to harness the power of data, how to apply it to strategic decisions, and how to more effectively lead in order to drive business results.

As a result of Mercer’s research and observations over recent years we developed Data Driven Leadership training program, which reveals how to better leverage data to plan for tomorrow, engage, elevate performance, and turn strategies into reality.

The Spring 2016 program is built around four modules that can be considered on a standalone basis or as an integral part of a program.

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