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Leading organizations around the world choose Mercer as their source of consistent, reliable data on total remuneration. Join the survey and become one of them. Experience survey participation with our award winning, online data submission application, Mercer Data Connector.


Top reasons to participate in salary surveys:


EFFICIENCY: By participating, you have your jobs matched to the survey jobs. That will come in handy as you market price jobs and participate in future surveys!


INSIGHT: As a participant, your data is loaded into Mercer WIN, which allows you to see your data beside that of your peers and competitors for analysis either by individual employee or by job.


EXCLUSIVES: You can attend webcasts and in-person meetings only available to survey participants.

EXPERIENCE: Going through the survey participation process helps to identify data anomalies, to understand your employee populations, and how to optimize your benchmarking strategy like no other activity can.


Product Overview


Mercer's TRS is made up of five components providing a complete picture of total remuneration data;


  1. Base salary
    Monthly base salary times the number of months guaranteed

  2. Total guaranteed cash compensation
    Base salary plus the annualized value of guaranteed allowances

  3. Total cash compensation
    Total guaranteed cash compensation plus the annualized value of short-term incentive, sales incentive, profit sharing or other incentive awards

  4. Total direct compensation
    Total cash compensation plus the annualized value of any long-term incentive awards, valued using Black-Scholes methodology for appreciation-based awards

  5. Total remuneration
    Total direct compensation plus the annualized value of benefits

Country Coverage


Mercer TRS covers over 140 countries around the world!


In today’s talent-demand economy, ensuring your compensation plans are aligned to the market – locally, regionally, and globally – is critical to securing the talent you need to be successful. Mercer provides most comprehensive compensation and benefits databases in the world to assist you with compensation planning and policies development.

The Mercer Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS) provide comprehensive market data on compensation and benefits around the globe. Results are easily accessible through our online platform, Mercer WIN®, to help you optimize your compensation plans.

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