Top five reasons to participate in salary surveys:

DISCOUNTS — Let’s be real, this is the biggest reason for participating in salary surveys. On average, the participant price is 50% lower than the non-participant price for the same survey. That’s hard dollars — money in your budget. Get 5% early bird discount* if you sign up before 31st May 2021." 

* T&C's apply"

EFFICIENCY — By participating, you have your jobs matched to the survey jobs. That will come in handy as you market price jobs and participate in future surveys!

INSIGHT — As a participant, your data is loaded into Mercer WIN, which allows you to see your data beside that of your peers and competitors for analysis either by individual employee or by job.

EXCLUSIVES — You can attend webcasts and in-person meetings only available to survey participants.

EXPERIENCE — Going through the survey participation process helps to identify data anomalies, to understand your employee populations, and how to optimize your benchmarking strategy like no other activity can.

Do the work — Participate!